Metal Detectors Detective Work

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Detective Work

In addition to recreational use, metal detectors serve a wide range of utilitarian functions. Mounted detectors usually use some variation of PI technology, while many of the basic handheld scanners are BFO-based.

Some nonrecreational applications for metal detectors are:

  • Airport security - screen people before allowing access to the boarding area and the plane (see How Airport Security Works)
  • Building security - screen people entering a particular building, such as a school, office or prison
  • Event security - screen people entering a sporting event, concert or other large gathering of people
  • Item recovery - help someone search for a lost item, such as a piece of jewelry
  • Archaeological exploration - find metallic items of historical significance
  • Geological research - detect the metallic composition of soil or rock formations

Manufacturers of metal detectors are constantly tuning the process to make their products more accurate, more sensitive and more versatile. On the next page, you will find links to the manufacturers, as well as clubs and more information on metal detecting as a hobby.